Cleveland leaves balanced budget

Outgoing La Jolla Town Council President Anne Cleveland said her term was great and she learned a lot, particularly not to “micromanage.”

“La Jolla is very full of capable, smart people who are really willing to step up to the plate,” she said.

Planning issues in La Jolla can be contentious. Cleveland said she learned to deal with that reality, too, during her term as council president.

The outgoing town council president noted there are a lot of “CEO personalities” in La Jolla. “We all want to rule the roost,” she quipped. “But that’s a good thing: We get a lot done.”

During her term, Cleveland said she did a lot of “nuts and bolts” things. “The last year we balanced the budget,” she said, “so that we had more money coming in than going out every month.”

The La Jolla Art Association subletting space at the Town Council office site was another big help for the dues-paying group’s finances. Cleveland also credited new Executive Town Council Director Ron Jones with being a big boon in helping the Council get reorganized. “He is very proactive with our finances and with our membership drive,” noted Cleveland. “We hope we (Council) support the community, and that they in turn support us. We’re increasing our profile in the community.”

One example of how the Town Council has been increasing its profile in the community is with its recent co-hosting, along with the La Jolla Light, of candidates’ forums for District 1, the mayor’s race and City Attorney’s races.

“We’ve really built a good foundation this last year for the Town Council to go forward,” said Cleveland. “The goal is to get the Web site up and running and get a lot more communication with the community. Now we’ve got a system in place that we can do that.”

Now that she’s stepping down as council president, Cleveland’s next job will be to chair the Council’s Parks & Beaches Committee. The Council has a number of other committees covering such subject areas as traffic and transportation and beautification, which includes benches and streetscaping. A new committee is also being formed, Businesses and Professionals, which is expected to revive the open house-style Council sundowners that are held monthly at rotating restaurants in town. “It’s a place for people to come in and meet the trustees,” said Cleveland. “It’s a work in progress right now.”

There are presently vacancies for trusteeships on the Town Council. Those interested in applying should contact the town council office at (858) 454-1444.