City to hear La Jolla Shores’ list of improvements for 2016

Eyeing the budget process beginning in January for fiscal year 2016, City Council President Sherri Lightner’s representative Justin Garver came before the La Jolla Shores Association (LJSA) Dec. 10 to encourage board members to create a list of community priorities for what they’d like to see included in the budget. A formal list will be created at the next meeting, 6:30 p.m. Wednesday Jan. 14.

“That list can include a ranger, which has been requested in the past ... or new trash cans on the south side of the park ... It’s a wish list that gives us an idea of what the priorities of this group are as far as park improvements, capital improvement projects, etc...,” Garver said.

Other ideas brought forward at the meeting included warning signs about stingrays at the Shores, Big Belly solar-powered trash compactors, additional trash cans, more trash pickup times during the summer, trash cans with hard-to-remove lids, additional dumpsters and signs pointing to dumpsters.

“Anything within the purview of the group can be on that list,” Garver said. “So when we go through the six-month budget process, we’ll have that list as opposed to having things come up in April, May or June, when it’s not as easy to add things.”

Should funding be available, the city would start at the top of the list and work down, Garver said. However, Lightner’s office will not know how much it will have available until the mayor releases the annual budget in June 2015. “Sometimes we can get one item from each community funded, sometimes it’s one item for the entire district, so we don’t exactly know what we’re dealing with,” Garver explained. “We know there is a big push for infrastructure, so a lot of money is going there.”

LJSA chair Tim Lucas encouraged anyone with ideas to e-mail and attend the next meeting.

In other LJSA news

Busy summer for lifeguards: At the request of one of the LJSA members, Lifeguard Lt. Rich Stropky presented statistics on lifeguard actions conducted over the summer. In July, lifeguards engaged in 6,365 preventative acts at the Shores and another 2,000 near the Scripps Pier. In August, 9,085 preventative acts took place at the Shores and 615 at the pier. In September, there were 5,650 preventative acts at the Shores and 181 at the pier, Stropky said.

Although unsure if this is an increase from previous years, Stropky said he assumed so due to the ocean being warmer later into this year, increasing the number of beachgoers.

Additionally, lifeguards conducted 230 rescues in July, 61 in August, 63 in September and 65 in October. However, there was a UCSD “meet the beach” event in October, where a majority of the month’s rescues took place.

Lifeguards also responded to 308 medical calls in July, 83 in August and 61 in September. Stropky also reported that lifeguards are

on flood alert with motorists misjudging how deep a pool of water is. “A lot of people think ‘I can drive through that’ and get caught in a flood situation,” he said. “It only takes one foot of moving water to move a vehicle and barricades are there for a reason.”

Police add patrols: Responding to last month’s request for more police presence at the Shores, city rep Garver reported that Lightner’s office has been “working closely with police to increase the frequency of patrols in and around Kellogg Park,” and will continue to do so. He added that it’s a slow time of year, but police expect an increase in activity, as spring break gets closer. LJSA secretary Dolores Donovan, who frequents the park, said there has been a “notable increase in police presence.”

■ Beautifying efforts to begin: Chair Lucas said the La Jolla Shores Merchant’s Association, (chiefly Surf Diva owner Izzy Tihanyi) is looking for ideas to beautify Laureate Park. Early thoughts include planting trees, but due to the sewer infrastructure underneath the park, nothing too deep could be planted. Those with ideas are encouraged to attend the next LJSA meeting.

Cell tower discussion rescheduled: Also at its next meeting, LJSA will hear a presentation from Verizon, which is seeking a Site Development Permit, Coastal Development Permit, Neighborhood Development Permit and a Neighborhood Use Permit for a new Wireless Communication Facility at Allen Field. The proposal (originally on the December agenda) is for two antennas concealed inside two 30-foot tall replacement light standards (one antenna per pole), and an associated equipment structure.

Next Meeting: La Jolla Shores Association next meets 6:30 p.m. Wednesday Jan. 14 at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Building T-29, 8840 Biological Grade.