City of San Diego fails to meet La Jolla Parks & Beaches deadline on sea lions issue

La Jolla Parks & Beaches (LJP&B) advisory group met June 22, hoping to hear a response from the city regarding the increased sea lion population at La Jolla Cove and the resulting problems with safety and public access. Shortly after the group’s April 27 meeting, LJP&B chair Dan Allen sent the city a resolution with suggested solutions, setting a May 30 deadline for response.

Although assured by city officials that the response letter should arrive “any day now,” Allen said he has not received any letter from the city. He said he is hopeful one would be received by the group’s August meeting. The board was originally optimistic the city would act in advance of the summer tourist season.

In its resolution, LJPB requested the city:

■ Install some form of gate mechanism or other temporary barrier on the stairway leading to/from La Jolla Cove beach to prevent sea lions climbing up from the beach;

■ Conduct regular cleanup of sea lion feces from the stairs, deck and walkway areas;

■ Institute a program of morning beach inspection and sand cleaning at La Jolla Cove.