City delays ‘draft’ on kayak companies


A Dec. 9 deadline to select qualifying companies for the 2011 Kayak Permit Request For Proposals process has been extended for at least 30 days, said San Diego Lifeguard Chief Rick Wurts.

Three years ago, the city officials conducted a draft among qualified kayak operators in La Jolla Shores to limit the number of tours they were offering in an effort to rein in the activity, which was creating extra demands on lifeguards.

Wurts acknowledged the draft has helped lifeguards manage kayak traffic. He added demand on the boat launch ramp at the Shores has since increased, noting volume during the summer peak between Memorial and Labor days is up on some weekdays, as it typically is on weekends.

A three-judge panel will assess applications in the kayak RFP process. There are presently six kayak companies operating in La Jolla Shores.