City crew removes rope seal barrier at La Jolla’s Children’s Pool

Early Saturday morning a supervisor and crew from the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department removed the rope barrier at the Children’s Pool in La Jolla.

The rope, which protects the seals during their pupping season from Dec. 15 to May 15, was taken down despite a request from four city council members to leave it up until after Monday’s meeting when they will consider a management plan for the beach.

Only a few people were around when the Parks and Recreation staff did their work.

Ben Hueso, Todd Gloria, Donna Frye and Marti Emerald had sent a memorandum to Mayor Jerry Sanders late Wednesday asking for a delay in taking the rope down. But a spokesman for Sanders said Thursday that the rope, up during the seals’ Dec. 15 to May 15 pupping season, will come down as scheduled to come down this weekend.

The mayor’s spokeswoman said that if the council decides it should remain up to afford greater protection for the marine mammals, that it then needs to go through the process of obtaining an emergency Coastal Development Permit to allow the rope to be put back up.

On Monday, the City Council is expected to vote on four alternatives for managing Children’s Pool, one of which calls for the rope barrier to be up year-round. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at Sherwood Auditorium at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, La Jolla.