City Council set to vote on La Jolla business district


A new form of a La Jolla Business Improvement District will be on the City Council agenda Monday at 2 p.m. for consideration of a resolution to levy and collect annual assessments from businesses within its boundaries for FY2010.

These assessments will go toward improvements and activities that benefit businesses within the boundaries of the downtown Village.

The assessments, formerly were utilized by Promote La Jolla, were put on hold earlier this year by the city due to deficiencies in findings revealed by a city auditor’s report released in June.

Under a recently worked out arrangement with the city, Promote La Jolla and four of its directors will take on an advisory status to the city’s Small Business Office, which will administer the funds. The council will consider a $130,000 budget, outlining expenditures through June, that was developed by members of PLJ’s board with city officials.

Promote La Jolla’s board members have encouraged all of its members to turn out for the council meeting or at least send letters to all city council members seeking support for the plan.

First District Councilwoman Sherri Lightner, who represents La Jolla has requested that city staff implement the annual appropriation process and administer the La Jolla BID for the remainder of FY2010, to support La Jolla businesses who have been struggling to continue activities and provide services without the benefit of any BID assessments.

City staff time used for LJBID will be recovered from business assessments and has been included in the BID budget. The remainder of the assessments will be disbursed by the city for the benefit of LJBID businesses.