Chin plastic surgery trend takes off among cosmetic surgery patients


By Stephen M. Krant, MD, FACS

Dubbed “the new breast implants” by some media outlets, “chinplants” and

chin plastic surgery

have jumped to the top of the popular procedure list, with a 71% increase among patients from 2010 to 2011 alone. According to


, chin implants surpassed breast enhancement, liposuction and even Botox last year – heretofore the most popular procedures on the plastic surgery market. Why the sudden shift?

The rise in chin surgeries has many possible explanations, ranging from perceptions of success and strong character to image-consciousness brought about by instant photo-sharing applications and websites like Instagram and Facebook. In addition, there is the simple fact that a strong chin is not achievable via diet, exercise or any other self-driven practice. You either have a strong chin, or you don’t; and for those who fall in the latter category, this makes plastic surgery the only route to a new, more well-defined profile.

Why chin implants?

Chin implants can lend added strength to a patient’s profile, enhancing a look which some studies have tied to leadership characteristics and overall career success. Furthermore, the implants create a swift and dramatic improvement to the appearance of loose skin around the chin and neck that becomes common as people age – and shows up all too clearly in poorly-composed cell phone photos. In my practice, I have seen chin implants result in dramatic changes to patients’ profiles. When placed in the proper position, the implants enhance facial proportions and provide better balance to the structure of the face.

Medical excellence and surgical experience: the keys to successful chin plastic surgery

Chin implant surgery is a comparatively simple and low-risk procedure; however, as with any form of invasive or non-invasive plastic surgery, it is critical that anyone considering implants seek out the advice and services of a board-certified plastic surgeon. At

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, we offer top-notch medical expertise and technology to our valued patients, and always insist on a one-on-one consultation to help us understand the patient’s procedural goals.

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