Business Spotlight: Keep your home safe from hearth fires with Chimney Sweeps



Ahhh, the wonderful warmth … the crackling, popping sound of hot flames on resin … the sweet aroma of fragrant wood burning … colder temps are here and few things create a comfort zone more than a cozy night by the fireplace. But the real danger of a sudden chimney fire could quickly disrupt this idyllic scenario.

Chimney fires are often caused by negligence, lack of structural maintenance and water damage. They start when residue deposits (creosote) begin burning on chimney parts like tiles, stovepipes, flues, etc. Fortunately, Chimney Sweeps can help prevent a costly chimney disaster.

British-born master sweep Steven Carter, founded Chimney Sweeps in 1985. His family-owned and operated business serves all of San Diego County by providing annual chimney safety checks, chimney maintenance, and the repairs necessary to keep chimneys safe.

“Chimney fires are most common in brick chimneys and pre-fabricated chimneys,” explained Julian Carter, manager and son of the founder. “The average loss due to chimney/fireplace-related fires in the United States exceeds $100 million each year.”

Unlike other home elements, homeowners rarely consider a chimney important too maintain, Carter said. therefore chimneys are often neglected or barely maintained. Deteriorated by seeping moisture, chimney obstructions (such as bird nests), smoke-damaged passages and loose masonry materials, it’s just a matter of time before a chimney fire occurs. Fortunately, annual safety checks and maintenance helps prevent far costlier repairs down the line.

Water is another major threat to chimney safety, but waterproofing brick and mortar chimneys with appropriate sealant can prevent those materials from absorbing water like a sponge and weakening the chimney structure, Crter said. Water in the chimney also causes rusting of steel and cast-iron parts.

“I hate when we go out to a customer’s house and they don’t realize their chimney’s been leaking a long time and is falling apart. Most people think it’s fine just sitting up there on the roof — until they suddenly have a big bill to repair it,” Carter said.

Chimneys Sweeps is now offering a special, full 14-point inside and out safety inspection for $49.

••• Chimney Sweeps, Inc. is based out of 1027 Greenfield Drive, Suite 3, in El Cajon. (619) 593-4020.

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