Chile Peppers continue to heat up field

Late blast by chile peppers blows game wide open

By Dr. Peter Nordland

Just as the Padres have been winning in exciting fashion lately, The Red Hot Chile Peppers continued in their winning ways with a resounding win over Mission Bay’s Team Pride.

The game had several exciting moments beginning in the first inning when starting Pepper pitcher Micaela “KK” Gotfredson quickly fielded a hot grounder and gunned down a Pride speedster throwing a strike to Paige Nordland at first. Although the next batter would reach first with a hit, the third batter hit a high fly down the right field line.

Paige Nordland scrambled to catch the fly and then alertly raced back to first base to beat the runner and record the Peppers first unassisted double play to end the inning.

All this was accomplished with only four pitches.

In the bottom half of the inning, the “Spice Girls” swung hot bats with Adana McWhinney DeAndrade, Claire Andrews, Lisa Perrine, Micaela Gotfredson, Brooke Schuman, Madeleine Nagle and Paige Nordland all reaching base and scoring 5-runs.

The second inning saw the Pride score a single run right away however “KK” then struck out the next 3 consecutive batters. The Chile Peppers added on with 4 more runs highlighted by Lisette Cadena, Mallory Hauser, Adana, Claire, Lisa and Micaela all getting hits or walks. Coach Nordland was enthusiastic over Lisette’s 2 “perfect slides” into second and third as the speedster stole base after base.

The Pride retaliated with 4 runs of their own, scratching back to narrow the score 9-5. The inning ended with an exciting tag out at the plate by catcher Mallory Hauser. As the Red Hot Chile Peppers went to bat in the bottom of the inning, they would never look back. Brooke Schuman started the rally followed by Madeleine, Paige and Lisette. The bases were loaded when Mallory Hauser stepped up to the plate. After Mallory ran the count to 1-1 she then drilled a line drive to right field. All of the base runners scored and as Mallory rounded third in daring fashion, she kept on going to home.

As she slid into home plate, all eyes focused on the umpire as he yelled SAFE! Mallory slid under a late tag to record the teams first GRAND SLAM of the season raising the score to 14-5! Coach Nordland awarded the game ball to Mallory Hauser for her heroics at catcher and her timely hitting.