Children’s Pool signs stolen

Two signs belonging to La Jolla Friends of Seals valued at about $3,000 were stolen from La Jolla’s Children’s Pool at about 6 p.m. on June 2, according to San Diego Police Department Capt. Shelley Zimmerman of the Northern Division.

“The signs were stolen and we made a crime report and assigned an investigator,” she said.

“One of our docents was speaking to others on the beach who had approached the seals too closely,” Friends president Cindy Benner wrote in an e-mail. “When she went up to the sidewalk, the signs were gone as well as our money jar with about $20 in it.”

Zimmerman said police have responded to numerous calls for service at Children’s Pool involving alleged incidents of threatened assault and intimidation. “We’ve cited people and taken them into custody,” she said. “We’ve assigned officers to go there and calm people and preserve the peace.”

If anyone has information about the incident they are urged to call SDPD Northern Division at (619) 552-1700.