Children’s Pool rope barrier goes up, but only for pupping season

The city of San Diego has determined the Planning Commission’s Dec. 9 decision not to allow the rope barrier to be placed year-round at La Jolla’s Children’s Pool is a final decision and not appealable.

In a letter dated Dec. 14, city Parks and recreation director Stacey LoMedico states, “The permit to amend the seasonal rope placement to allow year-round placement was heard at the Dec. 9, 2010 Planning Commission Hearing. The Planning Commission denied the amendment and as such there will be no rope placement year-round. This Planning Commission decision is final and is not appealable to the Coastal Commission. The current Coastal Permit remains with the Park and Recreation Department staff placing the rope annually during ‘pupping season’ which is Dec. 15 to May 15.”

True to their word, a city work crew appeared at 6:30 a.m. this morning to put the Children’s Pool rope barrier up. Erecting the barrier with signs sunk into the sand in concrete went smoothly and there were a handful of early-morning onlookers, but no one was there to protest the action.

— Dave Schwab