Children’s orthodontics cost less, contribute to more effective treatment overall


Getting kids in for an orthodontic exam at a young age can both save money and prevent health problems down the road.By Robert Sunstein, DDS

In years past,

orthodontic braces

– ugly, cumbersome metallic and uncomfortable – got a pretty bad rap, and with good reason. But today, thanks to improvements in orthodontic technology, both adult braces and orthodontic solutions for children have expanded to include more aesthetically pleasing, efficient, comfortable and affordable options. Furthermore, when fitted early by a skilled orthodontist, braces can contribute to beautiful smiles and long-term oral health while still falling under children’s insurance coverage. The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that children receive an orthodontic screening by the age of 7 in order to determine whether or not immediate orthodontic treatment is necessary to prevent complex health problems down the road; and with the benefit of comparatively stable costs, insurance coverage and flexible patient options, this is the best possible time for parents to start their children on the road to lifelong orthodontic health.

According to a recent article in

The Columbus Dispatch

, braces typically cost between $4,800 and $6,000; however, under the age of 19, most children with dental insurance receive orthodontic coverage that offsets a portion of these costs. Considering the difficulty and expense of treating orthodontic health problems in adults -- such as bite or jaw development abnormalities -- together with the rising cost of so many other health care treatments in recent years, industry experts agree that, when started early, braces are in fact one of the great bargains in contemporary health care.

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Despite the physical and financial advantages of early childhood braces, there remain the old stigmas of inconvenience and discomfort associated with old-fashioned orthodontic solutions. However, today’s orthodontic patients have the advantage of newer, better technology – such as strong, longer-lasting wires to replace outdated brackets and reduce the need for frequent in-office tightening, and braces that, when compared to their old metal counterparts, are practically invisible. Furthermore, in many cases, treatment with these advanced orthodontic techniques can be completed in less than one year – rendering the process substantially more patient-friendly than in years past.

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office, we offer the latest products and services for our valued patients, from traditional braces and retainers to ceramic and clear braces and Invisalign. Furthermore, as experienced orthodontic specialists, our skilled staff members can evaluate your child’s orthodontic needs and discuss treatment options early – giving you the opportunity to make the right choice for you, your child, and your budget while guaranteeing the best patient service, convenience and comfort. Because we believe strongly in the importance of oral health care and our patients’ ability to seek and receive necessary treatment, we offer financing options to all our patients and encourage those with questions about coverage to contact our business manager for details. For more information about children’s braces, insurance and other services, you can also visit our website at