Children make a garden grow at church

The children in the Cottage nursery school class and Bird Rock Brownies Troop 3742 have been busy planting a garden at La Jolla United Methodist Church.

Troop Leader Nicole Blackwell, who also teaches at the school, wrote in an e-mail that the 4-and 5-year-olds “decided they wanted to help grow food to feed people.”

The garden started with some seeds the children started in class, some of which were then transplanted.

The Brownies who helped with the project, which was created in the church’s open space along La Jolla Boulevard, visited a local Alzheimer’s home to invite residents to “share in the bounty, watch the plants grow or just have a destination for their walks,” Blackwell said.

She also said the troop is donating a bench for the garden so there’s a place for people from the home to rest after their walks.

“This garden, bringing people together on a project which encourages community participation while addressing global as well as local issues, is a wonderful vehicle for engaging our students and neighbors,” she wrote.

Parents and siblings of the Brownies helped build the planters and get the strawberries, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and beans, peas and watermelons in the ground.

Blackwell, who said she is hopeful they’ll take an interest in continuing to participate in the garden, invites people to stop by and lend a hand or just watch the project take hold.