Chic Cuts for a Cause: Salon artist hopes to change women’s lives one haircut at a time


By Will Bowen

Artist and La Jolla hair salon owner JudyJudyJudy recently donated 100 hair stylings to the La Jolla Soroptimist Club “to help change the lives of women and girls one haircut at a time,” she said.

The Soroptimists in turn, are selling tickets for the stylings at $45 each and will use the proceeds to fund a project to help stop human trafficking. The tickets, which are good for one year, are available at JudyJudyJudy’s salon or from Realtor and Soroptimist member Kate Woods.

“All the money we raise will be going to help stop the human trafficking of young girls, who are abducted or coerced into sex slavery and prostitution,” said JudyJudyJudy.

When she heard about the fundraiser, Woods said she stepped up and wanted to help sell tickets. “I volunteered because I am a Soroptimist, which is the largest women’s service organization in the world, and because I believe that women should be helping other women.”

Lisa Lundgren is the local chair of “STAT: Soroptimists Together Against Trafficking.” She said, “The human trafficking of young girls is a very serious issue throughout the world and in our city, too. San Diego is now ranked sixth on the list of cities where this is most prevalent. Girls, some as young as age 13 and 14, are recruited by pimps and gangs and used tragically. The funds raised by the haircuts will go to help rescue these girls and get them help.”

Because she just returned from a trip to Paris and London where she studied hair trends and participated in Vidal Sassoon training, JudyJudyJudy will be offering the latest hairstyles for this event. “This is a great opportunity for me to practice the new styles, while La Jollans have a golden opportunity to get the latest fashion haircut for a fraction of what it would normally cost them and donate to a good cause,” she said.

JudyJudyJudy will be cutting the hair of women, men, girls, and boys in what is known as “The Muse” style.

“ ‘The Muse’ is a short haircut, with an emphasis on geometry, architecture, and buildups, such as pompadours. It has been described as ‘hair teetering at the edge between chaos and control,’ ” JudyJudyJudy explained. “The Muse style includes the ‘Soho Boho’ look from the 1930s and ‘40s, the ‘Downtown’ look exemplified by Andy Warhol, and the ‘Ye Ye’ space-age look based on early Beatles hairstyles. Inspiration for The Muse also comes from architect Salvatore Calatrava, painter Salvador Dali, and socialite, literary and artistic divas such as Nancy Cunard, Iris Storm, Caroline Blackwood and Peggy Moffitt.”

In addition to the Sassoon training, JudyJudyJudy said she also kept an eye open for all the latest in clothing, jewelry and art happening in London and Paris.

“In Paris, women dress femininely and conservative, while Londoners have more of a tough, street look with big boots in style. ‘Sunnies,’ or round sunglasses, are definitely in vogue and jewelry has returned to the 1980s look, with large, bold, elaborate and romantic configurations. Men are wearing long, single-strand necklaces and hip-hop fashions,” she noted.

JudyJudyJudy said she also explored the little known Parisian neighborhood of Belleville, in the 20th arrondissement. It’s the neighborhood with the highest elevation in Paris, where one can get a great view of the whole city from its vantage points. Belleville sports a large art colony and has legalized street graffiti.

“It’s the real Paris, not a tourist trap. I would just love to have an art studio there,” said JudyJudyJudy.

Hairstyle Benefit Tickets

■ Kate Woods: (858) 525-2510

■ JudyJudyJudy: (858) 456-2344