Check the facts before printing them


In the Sept. 17 edition, an article regarding the “Shores building rules ready for revise” stated that the La Jolla Shores Advisory board voted 6-0 to deny the residence we are designing for Joe and Christine Gatto. This statement is incorrect and the article did not mention the five other unanimous votes that were cast by the community for the project.

The correct La Jolla Shores Advisory Board vote was 4-1 on a motion to deny approval of the house based upon failure to meet landscape requirements and concerns over bulk and scale of the street facade.

This preliminary plan was changed. Subsequently the landscape was revised to add more area and the street facade was stepped back to reduce the bulk and scale of the second floor. This redesigned project fully conformed to all provisions of the La Jolla Shores PDO, and this project was unanimously approved by the La Jolla Shores Permit Review Committee 5-0 and the La Jolla Community Planning Association (CPA) by a vote of 15-0, as well as by the city of San Diego hearing officer on Sept. 16.

The reinvigoration of La Jolla Shores is a positive change and due to the fact that it is one of the premier beach communities in America. The fact that the Shores is being reborn with new homes is a testament to the fact that families like the Gattos are willing to move back into an established neighborhood and renew them. New families moving into the Shores will revitalize the area for a generation to come; they should be welcomed into the community, not vilified for building a family home.

The La Jolla Light in this era of tabloid journalism should check the facts before publishing misinformation.

Michael Morton, AIA

Principal and designer

Marengo Morton Architects Inc.