Catch the Wind: Stylists insist blowout hair trend is in La Jolla for good


By Ashley Mackin

Want a hairstyle like that of Kate Middleton, Megan Fox or Eva Longoria? You don’t have to go far. The blowout hairstyle is hot hot hot and there are several salons in La Jolla that have mastered the wavy, polished look — two that opened recently, specialize in it.

Salons like Blow Darling, which opened three months ago, focus on the blowout because of its popularity and ease. “Lately there has been a breakthrough in blowouts and you’re seeing them everywhere now,” said Gabby Martinez, style educator at Blow Darling. “A blowout is your normal cut, your normal style, your normal hair, except polished with lots of movement and lots of body,” she said.

Paula Berry, manager of Glo Beauty Bar, which opened in June, agreed.

“You know when you leave the salon ... and your hair is bouncy and has movement and is fabulous ... and you always say ‘I could never do this on my own’ ... that’s what we do,” she said with a laugh.

Though it’s fresh and styled, the look is also natural, said Brittany Evert, manager of Naturale Salon. Evert said the look depends on what would look best on the client, and that can range from curly and full bodied, to wavy and beachy, to straight and smooth.

La Jolla blowout salons will wash a client’s hair, blow dry it and, using a round- brush of varying sizes, style the hair to a client’s needs. You can go to work with it, you can go to a party with it or you could go to a wedding with it. Berry suggests rolling the hair into a loose bun and sleeping with it at night, “so when you wake up you just let it down, run your fingers through the hair and you are ready to go.” Martinez added, “Busy women, with no time to deal with their hair come in, get their hair washed and blown out, and they are set for a few days — they don’t have to worry about anything but their makeup.”

The convenience and short time needed to attain the blowout style makes it appealing to working women and busy moms. At the three salons, a blowout takes less than 45 minutes and costs $35.

Depending on hair texture, a blowout can last for five days, as long as the client does not wash her hair. Stylists also suggest using certain products to condition the hair to hold the style better.

“It’s so convenient, we have women who come in once or twice a week (for a blowout) and they never wash their hair on their own,” Berry said of her loyal customers.

She said nowadays, any female celebrity who wears her hair down — if it’s polished — probably had it blown out. That’s why none of the La Jolla stylists interviewed think this trend is going anywhere.

“I think it’s here to stay,” Berry said. “Women aren’t going to wake up all of a sudden and not want their hair to look fabulous. If anything, more and more people are going to get hooked on blowouts.”

Martinez added, “Working women get hooked when they see how easy it is to come in, get their hair done, and go about their week.”

Note: There is also a style technique known as a “Brazilian” blowout, which uses chemicals to achieve the same smoothing effect. The chemicals are not as good for the hair, so a blowout using a hair dryer is considered better.

Newer salons that offer blowouts

■ Glo Beauty Bar 5707 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla Opened: June 2013

■ Blow Darling 7760 Fay Ave., La Jolla Opened: April 2013

■ Naturale Beauty Bar 7932 Ivanhoe Ave., La Jolla Opened: August 2011