Casa Pacifica opening new assisted living home in La Jolla

La Jolla Casa Pacifica, an established, private assisted-living home in La Jolla, is opening a new facility near La Jolla Scenic Drive South in the Muirlands area. This new home is called Chateau de Oro as it resembles a French country style Chateau.

The new facility features an elegant and comfortable motif of stylish antique furniture, full dining quarters and a vibrant and colorful garden with walking paths where guests can relax.

“We opened this second location because we saw a tremendous interest in the type of facility where the residents feel as they are living in an elegant home,” said Robert Krasuski, owner. “We offer the level of personalized attention and dining you would find in boutique upper-class hotels. There is a lack of facilities like ours in La Jolla and we feel that our stylish and appointed homes offer a level above the rest.”

“We cater to the needs of each resident from the times meals are served to the types of freshly prepared meals focusing on low fat and low sodium diets” Krasuski continued. “We help our residents with every aspect of life from medication management, to concierge-level service.”

Attention to detail is a top priority for Chateau de Oro. They have a panel of doctors who visit on a regular basis so as not to disrupt the residents and make them leave for appointments. Caregivers are on site and on duty 24/7, with a staff member awake all night long.

“It important to note that we have a 1-to-2 caregiver-to-patient ratio during peak hours and our residents are welcome to bring a private caregiver into our facility,” Krasuski said.

For more information, or to schedule a complimentary tour please call (858) 750-2385.