Caring Transitions helps families, seniors ease the move to a new home in La Jolla and San Diego County


As the first of the 79 million baby boomers began turning 65 in January 2011, an even greater number of families began trying to help their aging loved ones transition to another home or facility.

To provide some much-needed assistance with these moves, local entrepreneur Will Fuller launched Caring Transitions, a business designed to assist families through the process, filling a unique niche in the marketplace.

Fuller and his Caring Transitions team help to reduce family stress and anxiety by providing expert guidance on all phases of transitioning, including senior relocation, de-cluttering a residence, downsizing a home, preserving family heirlooms and organizing estate sales, among other things. Caring Transitions serves residents in the San Diego and surrounding areas.

“Everyone will experience a ‘triggering event’ at some point in their lives that will put them into a difficult transitioning state — whether that event be moving your loved one to a new home, divorce, downsizing due to the economy, or death,” Fuller said. “Caring Transitions provides a distinctive and valuable service so that individuals can ensure that all phases of transitioning are handled properly and at the same time, they won’t need to deal with the emotional and physical stress that comes with transitions.

“After spending more than 22 years in the San Diego area, I have seen many friends and families, as well as my own, struggle during some of life’s most stressful and overwhelming times. This compelled me to start Caring Transitions.”

Among the services that Fuller and his Caring Transitions team can provide are assessing items in a house and assisting with critical decisions about those items; working with families to de-clutter a residence; space planning for the new residence; facilitating the distribution of items to other family members; conducting sales of remaining items to the public; and then cleaning out the home in preparation for sale.

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