Care options come to La Jolla

La Jolla physician Steven Nusinow began offering what’s called “the hybrid model of concierge care.”

A news release described it as “a choice of a concierge-style practice or a traditional insurance-based model. Either option allows patients to continue to see their chosen primary care physician.”

Patients who pay a membership fee of about $160 a month for the concierge option can obtain same-day appointments, longer scheduled office visits, an in-depth physical with specialized tests, more extensive evaluations and often 24-hour direct phone and e-mail access to their physicians, the release noted.

Nusinow, whose office is at 7300 Girard Ave. is associated with Concierge Choice Physicians in Rockville Centre, N.Y., the company helping Nusinow and other doctors around the U.S. to transform their practices. “In the hybrid model, physicians continue to see all their patients, and offer the concierge program for a small portion of the day. Doctors can continue to see all their patients and unlike the full model, patients who choose not to join are not forced to find new physicians. Plus, unlike the full model, a hybrid model is affordable for many patients and families today.”