Capitalize on solar power savings with smart home renovations this spring

By Scott Murfey

Recent numbers show construction jobs on the rise after a long drought for the industry; and according to

Bloomberg Buisnessweek

, the boost is due to both discretionary remodeling on the part of homeowners and increased in “fix-up” work solicited by new buyers eager to customize their homes. With existing home sales up by 4.3% as of January 2012, the latter group is growing in size – leading to a renewed interest in

solar power savings

as one of the best renovation ideas on the horizon. While there are plenty of exciting options out there for individuals with an eye on home improvement, industry experts agree that solar power is the wave of the future. With incredible potential for environmental and economic savings alike, solar panels are a sure bet for budget and eco-friendly renovation this spring.

San Diego homeowners enjoy the rare benefit of (almost) year-around sunshine – and subsequently, a prime opportunity to reap the benefits of solar power. Thanks to high electricity costs and increasing environmental sensitivity, alternative energy sources are more important than ever before. With solar panels, homeowners can make a safe investment in sustainable energy that will eventually pay for itself while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprints and contributing to a more environmentally conscious society. In addition, Federal tax deductions offsetting up to 30% of solar panel system costs combined with customer rebates have made solar a truly affordable reality for conscientious San Diegans.

Sustainable initiatives and top-quality results for San Diego homeowners

Bloomberg projects a significant bounce-back for the home improvement industry this year – perhaps the best since 2006. And whether homeowners are looking to enhance their property for the sake of market appeal or to simply add comfort and convenience for themselves and their loved ones, solar power is a forward-thinking choice that will only continue to grow in both popularity and demand in the years to come.


Murfey Construction

, we believe that solar power is a responsible and economically sound way in which to reduce our dependence on conventional energy and help protect the environment while accruing significant financial savings over time; and thanks to our expertise in

San Diego home renovations

and remodeling, we can ensure efficient, effective and high-quality solar panel installation services and other sustainable upgrades for all our valued clients. To learn more or schedule a consultation to discuss solar power installation and cost savings, contact us today: