Can you spare some cash for La Jolla Meals on Wheels program this week?


In this last week of 2011 I want to thank all of our caring contributors who, through their philanthropic donations, have continued to fuel the autonomous La Jolla Meals On Wheels engine, allowing us to keep rolling along as we mark our 37


year of service throughout our own community by providing tasty, healthy and nutritious meals to isolated homebound seniors as well as disabled or mobility challenged people of all ages.

Our appreciation runs even deeper this year because we know of the economic hardships currently felt by most everyone -- both on the giving (that’s you) and our physically and fiscally challenged clients on the receiving end (we’re subsidizing more deliveries than ever before). Every dollar received is cherished and directly applied to our near break-even bottom line.

If you really want to see your charitable giving directly and humanely at work in your own neighborhoods, you can help by simply logging onto, and with a few clicks of your mouse PayPal will make it easy for you. On behalf of our team of 200 local volunteers, our office staff and our board of directors, we wish you happiness and prosperity in 2012 -- especially the prosperity part.

Yours in Community Service,

Ron J. Jones, President, La Jolla Meals On Wheels