Calm prevails over Bird Rock Halloween


Despite the event being on Saturday night this year, Halloween in La Jolla was for the most part “uneventful.”

“We made one arrest for drunk in public,” said Lt. Jim Filley who, along with San Diego Police Department Northern Division chief Christopher Ball, was part of a beefed-up police presence in Bird Rock that included a command post. “We had a lot of people out there in the neighborhood. We left about 9:30 p.m. There were no issues after that.”

Filley noted feedback received by the SDPD about their handling of the event was positive.

“It was a great night: Residents seemed very happy,” he said, noting one local resident who decked their home out as a haunted house drew a crowd.

“It was wonderful that the family spent quite a bit of money to outfit their home,” he said. “It was very popular with the kids, but it never drew more than 100 people and it was not a problem at all.”

Michelle Fulks, a Bird Rock Community Council member who is community liaison for the Neighborhood Watch program, said there were a couple minor incidents displaying bad behavior.

“Some pumpkins got smashed, some eggs got thrown,” she said, adding Upper Hermosa, which in recent times has had problems on Halloween with teens, was trouble-free this year. “They (teens) have migrated south into other parts of Bird Rock,” she said.

Fulks said the community was thankful to the police force for being there in force on the holiday.

“Their presence makes a huge difference,” she said.