Calling for a little respect



I am now appalled by the mislabeled “conservatives” in our country leading a trend of disloyal, carping, divisive criticism (never constructive) piously claiming to be “patriotic.”


Initially, this goes against our American culture of “positive thinking.”

Moreover, as an Air Force general’s daughter and Navy captain’s wife, I was schooled to be loyal, respectful, supportive and dedicated to our leaders — ultimately to the president of the United States. Why can’t we emulate this respected military attitude, generally above reproach, compared with our current backbiting political climate?

Too, it is incredibly appalling when the civilized world has honored our President Obama with a Nobel Peace Prize and our “patriotic” conservatives dare to snidely disparage this worldwide acknowledgment.

It’s generally agreed that we have lost civility, but the nadir of morality has just occurred in Richmond. A two-hour gang-bang rape of a 15-year-old girl on school property was witnessed by unprotesting onlookers. Was the audience thinking they were watching television?

Relevant, television is the most powerful teaching tool invented by man. Ask the politicians, you WILL learn from TV, for good or ill. The hourly escalating TV horror and violence, we unsuspecting drones will surely emulate. How morally enriching is that?

Recall, in years previous, the dire prediction that American householders will need to arm themselves against marauding gangs roving our residential streets. Consider our Mexican neighbor in border cities where no one dares go abroad at night, thanks to our appetite for drugs and guns. Will we come to this?

Come on, nation! Morally, have we sunk this low? Where is our loyalty and support of our president? Pride in our country is being undermined by this “conservative” element. Where’s respect gone?

Jane Coursin is a La Jolla resident.