Business owner says film crew working in La Jolla a disruption


Film crews shooting in the Village of La Jolla on Monday were having a disastrous impact on business, said Gina Phillips, owner of Adelaide’s Florists at 7766 Girard Ave.

The film crews are using the Ascot Shop for a scene of the new TV series tentatively called “Terriers.” The show will air later this year on the FX channel and will center around the lives of two Ocean Beach-based detectives. A production crew on Monday filmed scenes both inside and outside the Girard Avenue clothing store.

The show will consist of 12 episodes and will highlight various landmarks around San Diego. It will join Simon and Simon and Silk Stalkings as TV series’ based in this city.

“We truly have never had such a slow day,” she said. “We have customers calling us saying they can’t find a parking spot and we’re not having any walk-in trade: I’m paying people in my store to stand here and do nothing because there is nothing they can do.”

Phillips said she received only minimal notice from filmmakers who passed out fliers on Friday saying they would be shooting in the area on Monday and would be done by 2 p.m.

“They’re still working,” said Phillips at 2:30 p.m. Monday. “It’s ridiculous they (filmmakers) can do this and not compensate (businesses). They don’t even care. It’s very frustrating.”