Bull and Bear Restaurant’s stock is on the rise in La Jolla


La Jollans have been bullish about the Bull and Bear restaurant since it opened its doors about five years ago - you can put a lot of stock in that.

The lunch menu (served from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.) includes all-beef burgers made fresh, not from frozen patties, hot dogs, salads, sandwiches and specialty items listed under the category of Bull and Bear Favorites.

Along with the typical lunch items, you can get breakfast foods during those hours. They include breakfast burritos with eggs, bacon, tater tots, tomatoes, onions and cheese, and a few other versions. They all have names taken right from Wall Street, including Broker burrito, Hot Stock burrito, and Venture Capital (a vegetarian burrito), and they’re all modestly priced at $4.95.

Burgers are big at the Bull and Bear, and these half-pounders are terrific. Enjoy the Bull Burger special including fries and a soft drink for $7.95. The Chicago Exchange chili cheese burger ($6.95) is a local favorite, and you’ll understand why when you sink your teeth into this burger with chili and melted cheddar cheese topping, not to mention lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo.

Barbeque sauce, bacon, and mozzarella makes the Bankrupt burger a winner, and the mushroom burger gets mushroom lovers licking their lips. Each of those specialty burgers is priced at $6.95. You can add the Bull’s delicious tater tots or a small salad to any burger for $1.50. You can also substitute a veggie burger for any of the burger concoctions.

Hot dogs and grilled Louisiana sausage are hot sellers as well. An all-beef Dow Jones dog starts at $3.95. Top it off with cheddar cheese and bacon for $5.95. If you like grilled Louisiana sausage, the Hot Stock dog ($4.95) is just what the doctor ordered.

The salads are very big and very tasty. Among the salad selections are Oriental chicken salad ($7.95), Gabe’s house salad ($7.95), and a Sallie Mae Caesar ($5.95). You can add chicken to top it off for another two bucks or add shrimp for $3.

Hearty sandwiches are a good choice at the Bull and Bear. The Stock Market meatball grinder ($6.95), Commodity chicken parmesan ($6.95), Philly Exchange cheese steak ($6.95), and Carbs are In chicken sandwich ($6.95) are all popular lunch items. You can beef them up with fries, tater tots or a small salad for $1.50.

The Extras menu has a lot of terrific sides to add to your meal. How about Cheesy Sleazy Broker fries ($5.50)? This version of French fries is smothered in bacon, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses.

Other interesting lunch items include fish and chips ($8.95), fish tacos ($5.95), chicken quesadilla ($8.95) and chipotle chicken wrap ($6.95).

Tapas take over after 4 p.m. at the Bull and Bear. This menu includes a wonderful assortment of tapas, such as the crab ragoon ($7.95) we love. These won tons are really loaded with crab and cream cheese filling, and the sweet pepper sauce for dipping is great.

You’ll find everything from shrimp spring rolls ($7.95) mahi-mahi ceviche ($8.95) and baked ziti ($8.95) to mushroom scallops ($11.95), steak medallions ($11.95) and tempura chicken strips ($9.95). What a nice way to make a meal by mixing and matching.

You can opt for a combination of two items from one part of the menu for $14.95 (or three for $21.95). Other combinations start at two for $19.95, and three for $27.95. Try sharing a few of these with your table mates.

The list goes on and on, but the coconut shrimp ($9.95) is a favorite. Likewise for the chicken margarita ($10.95). There’s also a shrimp margarita for $11.95.

The stock market motif extends to the attractive and very contemporary decor. You can eat inside at the counter or on small tables, but it’s even more fun to enjoy your meal from the front patio, where you can watch the crowd go by.

Since Bull and Bear is a bar and grill, you know it has a very good drink menu as well, and the service is always friendly.

The prices at Bull and Bear are reasonable - never fluctuating like the stock market -- which makes this interesting eatery one of the best values on Prospect Street.

Bull and Bear Bar and Grill is at 1271 Prospect Street. Call (858) 551-0077.