Building your Team


In the art of building, we use words like craftsmanship, skill, leadership, management, professionalism, honor and teamwork. Recognized in the professionals who make up your building team, these terms reflect the roles and standards of builders, architects, financial representatives, engineers, artisans and craftsman who together realize and influence the outcome of your project.

Builder - At the heart of your team is the general contractor (GC) aka the builder. This role is one of leadership and sets the values and professionalism of your project. Similar to a coach, your builder assembles and manages the team on your behalf. At GDC Construction, four generations of building experience has established a standard of excellence, transparency in accounting, purchasing power, and the vision to create a timeless product and trusted relationships.

Architect / Designer – Typically considered the brains of the project, it is the architect who formulates the plans and defines the style and function of a project. Communicated with architectural blueprints, the plans are the language of the architect. ”It is the skill of the builder to read and actualize the architect’s ideas within the framework of the projects approved plan. Cost, neighbors, site, building and community codes are all a factor that the builder must incorporate in the translation of the architect’s vision of your project,” says Michael Morton, AIA principal at Marengo Morton Architects.

Estimator – Delivering a realistic and transparent cost analysis of a job, prior to the start of your project, is critical to both the home owner and the builder. A working knowledge of conditions, cost of materials, number of hours and fair market labor costs are key in the formulation of a clear and accurate budget for a project. At GDC, our reputation is built on attention to detail, accuracy in time and cost analysis, clear communication, transparency, and our unchanging dedication to quality.

Project Manager – The touchstone on your project is the operations director or Project Manager. They are the conduit between you, the builder and the field supervisor and they oversee the details of your project from beginning to end. “A through and conscientious project manager’s attributes are good communication skills and an understanding of all the factors that impact the success and timely completion of your project,” says Alison Dorvillier of InPlace Studio. “Educated and practiced in the management of custom home and renovation projects, the project managers at GDC Construction are the human factor who support you and direct the team.”

Supervisor – Another essential player to the team is the field supervisor. The “super” runs the job on a daily basis and is the go to person on the job site. Similar to the role of the general contractor, they assign and manage the crew to assure the project is on time, on budget and within the scope of the plan. With 30 years of experience, our supervisors work on your behalf to assure that your project moves along as planned and that the quality of the project, from the foundation to the finishing touches are upheld.

Vendors/Craftsman and Artisans – The quality and details of a project rest in the hands of the tradesman. Quality of material and craftsmanship are determined by the excellence of product and skill. Stylistic variations set aside, the foundation, framework and details of a building project are reliant upon the decisions and selections made by the administrative team, while the results and finishing touches often are in the hands of the craftsman and artisans that execute the job.

Client –At the head of the team is you. It is the client’s role as leader to set the parameters of the project and to communicate your vision to the architect and builder. Selecting these primary players carefully will result in a successful project. To utilize our knowledge and experience, we welcome you to contact us at 858-551-5222 and/or visit our website at