Budges cuts force UCSD to cut admissions

UC San Diego admitted 17,582 freshmen for the upcoming fall semester, a decrease of 2,183 students, or 11.5 percent, from the previous year, the university announced Wednesday.

Due to budget constraints and a larger-than-expected freshman class enrolled last year, UCSD was asked to reduce its fall enrollment, according to Mae Brown, the university’s director of admissions.

“We received applications from many talented, highly qualified students and we wish we could accommodate all of them,’' Brown said. “Fortunately, the university is able to offer a spot to every UC-eligible California resident applicant at one of its other campuses.’'

The admitted UCSD students, who had a mean high school grade point average of 4.08, were selected from a total of 47,039 freshman applications, according to the university.

UCSD received the third-most freshmen applications in the UC system, after UCLA and Berkeley.

Last week, UCSD inadvertently sent out e-mails to about 28,000 students who didn’t get into the university, congratulating them on their acceptance and inviting them to a campus orientation.

The error was quickly discovered and an apology was sent out.