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Anastasia of Beverly Hills, formerly located at 1025 Prospect St., has a new name and a new location: Now Brow Lounge. The shop opened Feb. 1 at 933 Silverado St.

Owners Sonja Reid, Andrea Camp, Stephanie Schwenk and Kristl Chang were all trained by “brow artist to the stars” Anastasia Soare. They offer specialty grooming services including professional brow shaping, facials and skin care, high-end beauty products and spray tanning.

“This is the only place (Anastasia’s) approved of outside of Beverly Hills,” noted the studio’s PR consultant Patty Kovacevich.

“The training that comes from Anastasia is an exclusive training,” said Reid, co-owner and director of Brow Lounge. “She created a system and teaches artists where brows should start, end and arch. We really do a full consultation every time you come in, whether it’s your first visit or your fifth visit.”

Reid explained there are several factors that should be taken into account when assessing how to groom brows: age, stress, loss of brow hair, over-tweezing, hormones, hair style, weight loss/gain.

A brow artist does more than pluck stray hairs; she is trained to define the brow so it best compliments the client’s face. They also show women how to use brow care products.

“(Brow grooming) is really one of those things people forget,” Reid said, adding that well-shaped brows create a pulled-together look without a lot of maintenance. “Gorgeous brows are the ultimate accessory.”

Both men and women patronize Brow Lounge, and clients range in age from teens to seniors. The studio offers a “preferred browser” membership program which includes five brow shaping appointments for $35 each, plus a 10 percent retail discount Monday through Thursday.

Brow Lounge’s new shop is a cozy niche along Silverado Street. French Country decor lends a comfortable elegance to the studio where gilt chandeliers are suspended above the dark, rich wooden floor. Service is highly personalized, and the staff members make a point of building a familiar clientele.

“One thing we really, really loved about our move is being in this little neighborhood,” Reid said.

The studio includes three brow stations and a private room for body waxing, tanning and facials.

The professional spray tanning is done with “Liquid Sun,” a 99 percent natural, sugar-based formula that results in a brown glow lasting six to eight days. Reid said many clients come in for the spray tanning before a special event or prior to leaving on vacation.

Brow Lounge also offers green peel facials and dermaplaning. A surgical grade blade is used to remove a thin layer of skin and hair, followed by a lactic peel.

“That’s really good to do on a monthly basis,” Reid said. “It really brightens the skin.”

Brow Lounge brow and body care products include lines from Vivite, Whish, Epicuren, Clarisonic, Sonya Dakar and Prevage MD.

Before coming in for an eyebrow appointment, clients should prepare by allowing the brow to grow in for two weeks. They should also tell their artist if they are taking any acne or skin medications or antibiotics as this can result in sensitivity.

For more information call (858) 459-9800.

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