Breher joins La Jolla Vet Hospital staff


Dr. Julie Breher recently celebrated a homecoming of sorts when she joined La Jolla Veterinary Hospital.

A University City native, she attended The Bishop’s School before heading off to UC Davis where she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees and her doctorate of veterinary medicine. Her mother is a local fixture as well, having worked at Bishop’s for 24 years including 11 as head of the middle school.

She said last week that she’s enjoyed being home again along with running into people she knew or that knew her mom.

One day, she said, she was calling in a prescription to Burns Drugs and the person who answered the phone was the father of a girl she had gone to camp with.

When Breher started practicing, she worked in a Northern California facility that exclusively cared for dairy cattle. She switched to small animal medicine five years ago when she moved to Monterey.

“It’s nice be home where there’s an ocean warm enough to swim in,” she said, laughing a bit about home being both “new and old.”