Breast Implants in San Diego: 10 Things You Need to Know Before Surgery

By Dr. Maurice Sherman, Del Mar Cosmetic Medical Center |

Breast implant surgery is a personal decision made by countless women throughout the San Diego area. Whether implants are sought to improve the aesthetic look of the breast or to reconstruct it after cancer treatment, every woman should know the 10 most important considerations when undergoing

breast implant surgery in San Diego

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  1. Beyond the Bra Size
Because bra sizes can vary widely depending on manufacturer, padding and fabric, it’s important to think beyond the bra when it comes to the size of your implants. That’s why bra shopping is so important. One label or style will not fit like another bra with the same cup size. Furthermore, the government is not involved in bra sizing. What constitutes a “C” cup for one person can be very different from another woman’s expectations. Each cosmetic surgeon has their own technique to determine sizing. I personally like to involve patients by requesting they submit to us before surgery pictures of their preferences in the size and shape which can be a starting point for discussion.

  1. Understanding Proportions
Your body type can play a huge role in the sizing of your breast implants. Petite women, for example, may choose a more conservative implant while tall or athletic women may opt for larger implants. Narrow-chested women may prefer a higher profile implant which would minimize the border of the breast extending into the armpit area. Your surgeon should evaluate your body type and make a recommendation on implant size and shape to ensure that the implant fits your specific chest proportions.

  1. Public Perception
You should understand that public perception of your breasts will inevitably change after surgery. Coworkers, friends and family members will likely notice your new look, so it’s important to be prepared for reactions in those who are close to you. I want my patients to realize that the proportional-sized breast permits them to wear normal clothing without obvious distortion. Of course, some women want to have a more enhanced breast size and shape which can be achieved with the right size and shape implant.

  1. Southern California Activity
A larger breast size is likely to look beautiful, but when it comes to activity, larger breasts can also have an impact on exercise, sports and other types of physical movement. Limitations post-surgery are likely to be different in light of a larger breast size. Most cosmetic and plastic surgeons in San Diego can advise you of the right size implant to ensure that you are satisfied not only with the look of your breasts, but that your lifestyle is not compromised either.

  1. Type of Implant
With the variety of breast implants available today, most women are sure to find something that suits them in both look and fit. For example, a patient seeking reconstructive surgery is likely to opt for an anatomical implant placed above the muscle that can look and feel completely natural. On the other hand, a woman who wants a rounded, fuller breast is likely to choose a round implant which can be either silicone or saline, and usually placed underneath the muscle. Again, speaking to your cosmetic surgeon about the various options will be critical to your satisfaction post-surgery.

  1. Understanding Your Uniqueness
Beauty trends are often all the rage, but when it comes to personalization, it’s important to choose the right implant for you. Everyone has different needs, and there is never a one-size-fits-all answer. Asymmetry in size and shape are common, and natural fullness, or lack of fullness, vary from one patient to another. Breast augmentation surgery is as unique as the individual. We also want you to remember that your breast implants are yours alone; in other words, it’s completely and entirely up you and not a family member or friend, especially when it comes to sizing.

  1. Implant Sizers
Why not try your implants on for size? Implant sizers may not give you a realistic idea of what to expect when it comes to your post-surgery results. Sizers are usually replicas of breast implants and when placed in a bra overriding the breast tissue, the demonstrated shape is not necessarily the same as seen after augmentation surgery. Utilizing sizers will at least permit you to understand the extra weight you will experience on your chest after the surgery.

  1. Trusted Opinions
A close friend is a good ally when it comes to getting a second opinion about which breast implant size looks good on your frame. Plus, because a wealth of information is given at the time of the consultation, they can help you recall information if you forget a detail or need advice. Also always remember that a second opinion can give you more confidence not only in your final implant choice, but also in the San Diego surgeon that you finally select .

  1. Multiple Appointments
Many women choose to see a surgeon for several appointments before committing to

breast augmentation surgery in San Diego.

One consultation may not be enough when it comes to getting all the information needed prior to making a decision. A good cosmetic surgeon will not discourage you from scheduling another follow-up consultation and will have multiple pre- and post-operative pictures to review. If you desire, an accommodating cosmetic surgery staff should also be able to put you in touch with someone who has undergone breast surgery.

  1. Your Happiness
Your happiness post-surgery is, needless to say, very important. Decisions pertaining to implant size, shape and material should be made by you as well as decisions regarding the location of the implant (underneath or above the muscle) and the location of incision. Your surgeon should provide you with enough information to guide you into the right direction, but ultimately the decision is yours and yours alone. When it comes to making the best decision, your personal taste, lifestyle and post-surgery expectations are all important when undergoing breast implant surgery in San Diego.


Dr. Sherman demonstrates a San Diego breast augmentation technique where he was able to utilize different types of breast implants involving volume and shape in order to correct a preexisting Asymmetry of the patient.