BREAKING NEWS: Hazmat situation at UCSD engineering building contanied, say officials


The Jacobs School of Engineering building on the UC San Diego campus was evacuated Thursday morning (March 27), reports CBS News 8. Three people were rushed to the hospital and another is being treated at the scene following a hazmat situation.Fire crews say a contractor working at the building passed out when he accidentally cut a toxic gas line around 10:30 a.m. Thursday.CBS News 8 learned that he was working updating the air control ventilation system, when he accidentally cut the pipe that had toxic gas flowing through it. He passed out and was transported to Scripps La Jolla. Two other workers have also been taken to Scripps La Jolla to be monitored, after reporting feeling lightheaded.The building, which consists of labs and classrooms, was immediately evacuated. There was limited occupancy at this time because UC San Diego is on Spring Break.Fire crews say the leak is contained. There is no toxic leak anymore and crews have restarted the clean air ventilation system in building.