Boys Golf: La Jolla’s Bishop’s Knights relax with humor during 2014 season

By Ed Piper

“I joined the high school golf team because the offer was simply too good to pass up: skip school to go play golf for free,” said senior co-captain Chase Lauer of The Bishop’s School golf team.

Lauer, one of only two seniors along with fellow co-captain Ben Brewer on the traveling eight, obviously has a sense of humor. He, with Brewer, tried to use that humor and light-heartedness to make teammates feel relaxed and comfortable as they dealt with the very challenging game of golf during the just-finished 2014 season.

“I wasn’t trying to shoot the best round of my life every match,” said Lauer, a 2014 Bishop’s School graduate.

Lauer’s goal was to be consistent and deliver a good score to help the team gain points in the match. In a match against another high school team, the squad’s six players vie for the lowest combined stroke total against their opponents. This is different from match play, which takes place in CIF competition after the league season, in which two players compete directly with the other’s score.

The Knights’ top five players on Coach Matt Brumbaugh’s unit (No. 1-No. 5), consisted of Brewer, Lauer, Tony Sotornik, William Drummond and Reed Petroski. The sixth slot varied among multiple players.

Sotornik, who just finished his sophomore year, worked hard and showed a lot of improvement. “He stayed positive and really encouraged other players as well,” Brewer commented.

Said Lauer, “This season, Tony really stepped up his game on the course and he grew a lot as a person. He matured greatly, and I’m glad to call him a friend.”

Both co-captains said cracking jokes was a method team members used to cut the tension at matches. “A lot of the younger players got extremely nervous before they teed off,” said Brewer, 18, who will enter Boston College this fall. “Humor was a way to help them relax.”

Brewer said his strength is his short game. “I’ve played matches where I only hit one green but still shoot only one or two over (36 is par for nine holes) because I get the ball up and down.”