Boys Golf: La Jolla Country Day freshman rises from mini-golf to varsity team

By Ed Piper

Freshman Julian Davis, the No. 5 golfer among La Jolla Country Day School’s six varsity golfers the past the season, has a secret. The math-science major started out playing mini-golf, before he graduated to the real golf course.

With a chuckle, Davis said the early experience in miniature golf solidified his putting, which has carried over into CIF high school golf.

The Torreys, who advanced as far as match play against Palo Verde of Blythe after league play this spring, carried five seniors among their six starters for Coach Bill Cahoone, Davis was the only underclassman.

Country Day fielded the following numbers 1-6 during matches: Harry Kang, Adair Warren, Greg Chachas, Juan Pablo Bustamante, Davis, then Craig Clark. All but the young Davis graduated a month ago and are preparing for their futures after Country Day.

“Putting is really strong for me,” said Davis, 15, enjoying the summer after his ninth year at LJCD, which he entered in the first grade. “It’s always been good. Since I’m not as far a hitter as most of these guys, I focus on hitting straight.”

The golfers’ CIF index numbers, based on performance (the lower the number, the better) were Kang, 2.5; Chachas, 4.4; Bustamante, 4.5; Warren, 4.9; Davis, 5.9; and Clark, 8.3.

The Torreys finished league tied for first with Pacific Ridge. “In the league final, we easily beat the Ridge over 18 holes at hot Eagle Crest, 403 to 425,” Coach Cahoone said. Country Day was seeded third in CIF Division III.

Davis, looking forward to his sophomore year in the fall, calls himself a triathlete. Besides golf, he also plays football and surfs.

“I like surfing because I get to be in the ocean,” Davis said. “I get to see animals (out there). I get to be in touch with nature, and it’s also an adrenaline rush if you’re out on the right day.”

In fact, at the time of the interview, he had just returned from surfing at Black’s Beach, his favorite surfing spot. Scripps Pier is another regular haunt.

Golf affords the same opportunity to be out in nature and the sun. “It’s relaxing; it’s nice,” Davis said.

Following in his entrepreneur father’s footsteps, he already owns his own company offering clothing and sunglasses. The company’s name is Marz.

“We had a great team,” Davis said of the past season. His older teammates were “really supportive; really nice guys.”

His best round was an even-par one against El Camino High at Arrowood Golf Course in Escondido. He was paired with Chang, the Torreys’ No. 1 player. “He was kind of my good luck charm that day,” Davis recalled. “I started off with an easy par on the first hole. On the next hole, I bladed it and got to the edge of the green. I got a par on that one. It was like a perfect round. They (my teammates) were watching me (on the final hole). It felt really good to make that par putt to finish the round.”