Boutique specializing in Italian beauty bubbles up in Village

Italian products are all the rage at a new bath and beauty boutique in the Village that claims to carry only the finest and most exotic lines.

Fiore di Italia opened three months ago in La Jolla Plaza at 1261 Prospect St., Suite 2. The European boutique’s owner, Suni Jacob, moved her business down from Solana Beach to La Jolla because she thinks the area has greater marketing potential for the lines she sells.

Jacob said her business is distinguished by its European flavor and entrepreneurial philosophy.

“Most of our lines come from Italy, which is the whole store’s theme,” said Jacob. “I like to stick with all-natural products. I try everything in the store before I carry it. I’m really picky. I actually go to the vendors myself, do my own research.”

Jacob’s shop features scented soaps and candles, body brushes and bath accessories of all shapes and styles. The Italian soaps Fiore carries are 100-percent vegetable-based with no detergents in them.

“That’s one of the reasons they do so well,” said Jacob. “They’re very moisturizing for your skin.”

Jacob is proud of the lines she carries, like the popular Acca Kappa.

“It’s an Italian line that’s been around since the 1800s,” she said. “What they’re known for is the quality of their bath brushes. Then they came out with bath and body soaps, lotions and gels.”

Longtime Fiore customer Molly Waldman owns a business in La Jolla and followed Jacob down from Solana Beach when she moved her shop.

“I found a product line there I really liked,” Waldman said, “and she was the only one carrying it, so when she moved to La Jolla not too long ago, I came in especially to see her.”

Waldman continues to patronize Fiore because she likes shopping at small boutiques. She also appreciates Jacob’s service orientation.

“She’s extremely friendly, helpful and informative,” Waldman said.

Two other La Jolla customers of Jacob, Corinne Culbertson and Lena Sumal, give her boutique high marks for quality and service.

“It’s a lovely store,” said Culbertson. “It has the famous Italian Fiore soaps, and they’re all fabulous. They have Oprah Winfrey lines I and my daughter have been using. The atmosphere is very nice, inviting. The owner knows a lot about her products.”

Sumal concurred. “It’s a nice store. The one thing I get when I go there is the Acca Kappa hand creme.”

Jacob is especially proud of the makeup line she carries.

“This is mineral makeup, not typical regular department store makeup,” she said. “It’s all natural, no chemicals. This line is actually carried at dermatologists’ or plastic surgeons’ offices. After surgery, you can’t put makeup on because of all the chemicals. You can wear this because it’s all natural. It doesn’t irritate the skin.”

Jacob does makeovers at her shop. She prepares by hand the colorful minerals used in her special makeup line.

Fiore also carries Sunforgettable, a water-resistant, sun protection line for men and women. It’s a powder, not a lotion.