Boutique helps moms-to-be dress in style

By Emily Lupton


Modish Maternity is a unique boutique, new to the La Jolla community. The store is family owned, but primarily run by mother of two Tammy Layson.

The store, at 1000 Torrey Pines Road, specializes in maternity and nursing apparel that is fashionable and affordable, making it the only one of its kind locally, she said.

“Here, it’s all about mom,” said Layson, “It’s the last time that women have the chance to pamper themselves before their focus turns to their kids.”

She said that she’s seen many pregnant women purchasing trendy, non-maternity clothes - thus the new store name Modish - that don’t fit properly and are eventually tossed aside because they became too small.

Building on experience

“We want to let pregnant women know that there are cute options,” she said.

The mother of Brody, 2, and Kaia, 4, said she was inspired to open her shop based upon her own experiences finding maternity and nursing clothing.

Living in San Diego during her first pregnancy, she found that there was nothing fashion forward locally.

Before owning a maternity store her career was “the farthest from what she does now,” she said. Her prior career was working in clinical research in regulatory affairs at Amylin Pharmaceuticals.

Roots in Colorado

When she and her husband moved from San Diego to Boulder, Colo., in 2005, Layson decided to go into business herself, purchasing a maternity store there called Mama Mama Maternity.

Now a La Jolla resident of about four months, she said her new store is what she is truly passionate about, and she’s made it special down to the pink, hand-painted hangers.

The store is relatively small, with only 800 square feet of space. Even so it has two dressing rooms and a restroom. Some of the decor in the store promotes other businesses in La Jolla, including some of the paintings behind the cash register.

Layson, the sole employee, handpicks all of the clothes, which are specifically designed to grow with the mother.

Room to grow

The clothes are made out of stretchy fabrics, such as blends of spandex and cotton, as well as non-stretchy fabrics, and are cut longer and with more belly room. The garments are cut roomy, but they’re also made to fit women in the back and arms, so that they don’t become unflattering, Layson said.

The store carries sizes from extra small to extra large, and orders for new products are constantly being placed.

Emily Lupton is a junior at High Tech High International.

Fast Facts

  • What: Modish Maternity
  • Where: 1000 Torrey Pines Road
  • Hours: Daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.