Boost in residential construction business complements home remodeling trends for 2012


By Scott Murfey

Business is looking up for the residential construction sector, according to recent data from the

Wall Street Journal

; and with spending up by 1.8% as of November 2011, there would appear to be new momentum behind residential building projects moving into the New Year. With an eye to the hottest design and

home remodeling trends

of 2012, the timing couldn’t be better – and this year, homeowners looking to make a change for greater sustainability, energy efficiency, cost savings or personal luxury will have plenty of exciting options and inspirations to choose from.

Regardless of your motivation – whether it stems primarily from a desire to save money, preserve the environment, or simply keep up with one of the most popular homeowner trends of the year – going green is a great way to refresh your home and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to crafting a desirable, modern and energy-efficient space. From upgrading to Energy Star rated appliances, adding insulation and replacing old single-pane windows with dual panes for added utilities savings, to revamping a kitchen or bathroom with reclaimed or recycled wood, tile and fixtures, switching over to sustainable products presents countless remodeling options for the conscientious consumer. And while you’re at it, why not incorporate some of the year’s top aesthetic considerations into your design plan? Kitchen remodels are one of the most consistently popular projects from year to year; and according to industry sources, the ultimate 2012 kitchen makeover will included features such as:

  • Concealed appliances (such as steam ovens or built-in coffee centers)
  • Maple cabinetry in either natural wood or colorful painted finishes
  • Appliances in trendy colors like black, beige, gray or cream
  • Custom countertops in renewable materials
  • Accent lighting to illuminate sleek designs and subtle colors
If your remodeling dreams extend beyond the kitchen, consider incorporating the green-living trend in the form of fresh flooring, such as bamboo or reclaimed wood or tile. Backyard and pool remodels will also add greatly to quality of life in your home year-around, thanks to San Diego’s signature sunny weather; and for a permanent vacation destination only steps away from your living room, consider making this the year that you finally add that long-desired deck, outdoor kitchen or sun room – and create a home that truly represents and complements your unique taste and lifestyle.

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Home remodeling trends are a great resource when it comes to getting ideas to refresh and renew your living environment. But at Murfey Construction, we understand that ultimately, your home is about you – and that any and all design, construction and remodeling projects should be customized to suit your individual vision, regardless of the current trends or status quo. Our

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experts offer specialized residential construction and remodeling services to fit each client project: no idea is too big or too small, and our team can provide as much or as little guidance and hands-on work as is required to get the job done right. Whether you’re looking for someone to simply help you select and install energy-saving appliances, or are on the hunt for a talented consultant to help you plan and execute the construction of your dream home, Murfey Construction offers the unparalleled work quality and individual attention you deserve. To learn more or get in touch, visit us online today: