Board votes on speed limit changes

La Jolla Traffic & Transportation (TNT) Board members opposed decreasing the speed limit on a stretch of La Jolla Boulevard, while favoring another decrease on a section of Torrey Pines Road, at its January meeting last week.

The group voted 5-1, with Joe Dicks of La Jolla Shores Association dissenting, not to lower the speed limit on La Jolla Boulevard between Camino de la Costa and Gravilla Street from 35 to 30 mph.

“Sometimes you unintentionally push some of the traffic onto artery roads into residential neighborhoods where you have kids, dogs and people walking,” noted TNT chair Todd Lesser, in voting with the majority.

TNT members however unanimously favored a decrease from 45 mph to 40 mph on Torrey Pines Road between Pottery Park Driveway and North Torrey Pines Road.

After discussing the difficulties of traversing that section of hillside road and debating whether drivers would obey a lowered limit, Joe Dicks noted, “The idea that they’re going to speed anyway is not only defeatist, but doesn’t offer any kind of incentive.”