Bishop’s wins CIF football title

By Phil Dailey

Staff Writer

The Bishop’s School capped off a perfect season Friday night against Francis Parker with a 20-9 win at San Diego Mesa College. It marked the first CIF title for the Knights (13-0 overall) since 2007. Fittingly, the win came against the Lancers (6-7 overall), the same team that topped them the last two seasons in the finals.

“It was great. We wanted to get them back,” senior Micha Seau said. " They got us the last two years. We got them this year.”

The Knights came out of halftime with a 14-3 lead, which in the end, proved to be enough for the win. But Bishop’s, as it did last week in the semifinal against Christian, took the ball right down the field to start the second half. Alec Fisher ripped off a 52-yard run straight up the middle to give the Knights a 20-3 edge.

“It’s crucial, it’s crucial,’ Bishop’s coach Joel Allen said. “Basically it’s a point in time where momentum can swing one way or another. We took it down there and scored. That was huge. It let us breathe a little bit.”

The touchdown by Fisher was his third on the night, finishing the game with 161 yards on 13 carries.

Parker tried to make it close, scoring on the ensuing drive, which was capped by a short TD by Kenny Brookins.

In the end, it was the defense that secured the game for the Knights

Parker faced a first-and-goal with less than 8 minutes to play, and it looked certain the Lancers would score. But the Knights stopped them on three straight plays leaving a fourth-and-two. Parker lined up for the field goal but ran a fake. Warren Brody’s run from the holder position was unsuccessful and Parker’s chances for a comeback was all but over.

“Obviously to go in and get a goal-line stop, that’s huge,” Allen said. “If they score there, it makes this (game) a whole lot different.”

Said Seau, who led the defensive charge: “We knew they needed points and it kinda felt like it was going to be a fake and you know what, they did, and we were able to stop them.”

The Knights got four first downs when they got the ball back before fumbling on Parker’s 14. But Bishop’s ran off too much time for any comeback attempt by the Lancers.

For Allen, he said this season was a culmination of everything working out perfectly.

“It takes a lot of luck, and we got lucky keeping everybody healthy,” Allen said.