Bishop’s students to be featured at San Diego Museum of Art

Three students from the Bishop’s School will soon be featured in one of San Diego’s most renowned museums.

Freshman Alex Beachman, junior Lydia Boehm and senior Julia Larson will have their art on display in the San Diego Museum of Art’s “Young Art 2007: Exploring Color” exhibit that will run from April 14 through May 27. The Young Art exhibit takes place every other year. It showcases artwork from students in public and private schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. This year’s exhibit will feature 149 student artists at the San Diego Museum of Art and there will be an additional 150 pieces showcased in the museum’s branches throughout the county, according to San Diego Museum of Art Coordinator of Educator and Student Programs, Niki Oder. Over 700 pieces from over 90 schools were submitted to the show.

Beacham, Boehm and Larson come from different art classes, different grades and they are all very different artists, according to Bishop’s School art teacher, Elizabeth Wepsic.

The theme in this year’s Young Art exhibit is color, and Wepsic submitted paintings that she thought would be the best fit for the exhibit. The paintings from the students at the Bishop’s School all utilize color in their own unique way, Wepsic said. She added that she is very impressed with the artistic skill each student possesses.

“It looks like professional work, I don’t think it looks like a high school art lesson,” Wepsic said. “It is work that comes from the mind and the vision of the students.”

Boehm said she is impressed with her instructor’s ability to inspire artistic creativity in her students.

“She individually talks to them to see what they want to do with their painting,” Boehm said. “She is totally open to helping you.”

Websic said that although she works closely with her students to help them develop their technique, she attributes part of their success to allowing them to have creative control over their art.

“I think this show represents the silence of me,” Wepsic said.

Boehm’s piece depicts a sunset. She draws a lot of inspiration from nature, she said.

Boehm said she has been painting since she was in middle school. Her mother is an art teacher at Palomar College and her father is an architect, so she grew up in an artistic environment. She said she likes to paint because she finds it calming.

Wepsick describes Boehm’s work as vivid and creative.

“Lydia’s pieces have an emotional quality to them,” Wepsic said. “She uses romantic landscapes - they almost always have a specific season or time of day.”

Boehm said she is very excited at the prospect of taking advanced art in her senior year at the Bishop’s School.

This is the second year Wepsic has been teaching at the Bishop’s School and she has plans to revitalize the art program, she said. She hopes to have more students exhibit their work off campus in galleries and in coffee shops in La Jolla.

Senior Julia Larson is the oldest artist from the Bishop’s School who will be featured in the exhibit and her work shows a great deal of sophistication, according to Wepsic. Larson’s piece from the show depicts a teen-age couple holding each other. It is an oil painting and it contains a variety of colors that contrast with each other.

Freshman Alex Beachman is the youngest painter from the Bishop’s School who will be featured in the exhibit. His painting is of a rainforest frog and it also contains an array of bright colors.

Beachman said he likes to paint, but he doesn’t have any desire to become a professional artist. But he is excited to be a featured artist in “Young Art: 2007.”

“I was really surprised mine was picked,” Beachman said. “But I think my parents are more excited than I am.”

Beachman said he enjoy’s Wepsik’s art classes and he plans on taking more.

Beachman is a young painter, but he possesses a lot of talent, according to Wepsic.

“He chooses a lot of images based in nature,” Wepsic said. “He is almost like a National Geographic painter - he has got these fantastic images. He is a naturally gifted with his technical skill and his ability to paint like a photograph.”

Wepsic said she is happy that the Bishop’s School is participating in this year’s Young Art show at the San Diego Museum of Art because she thinks it is good for the students to share their art with the public.

She said she is particularly excited about attending the opening reception that takes place on April 20. All the teachers, parents and students from the participating schools are invited to attend the reception.

She is also enthusiastic about the changes in the visual arts department at the Bishop’s School.

“Exciting things are happening here,” Wepsic said. “The students are starting to communicate and express themselves in the visual arts department. Keep an eye on the visual arts department here, we are starting to take some new direction and emphasizing the unique qualities in each student.”