Bishop’s sends pair to Western chess competition


At the annual U.S. Amateur Team West, a chess competition for the Western states that was held in February, a four-person team that included Bishop’s freshmen Kyron Griffith and Jason Qu won Best Junior Team. Also on the team were Alan Tsoi, a 10th-grade student from

Torrey Pines High School, and Jesse Orlowski, a 10th-grader who is home-schooled.

Earlier this year, these four players received an invitation to participate in a prestigious chess event, Sean Christian Reader Master-Junior Simul, which is held every few years. Each team was made up of a chess master and six junior players from Southern California schools.

The event took place in late February, with Jason receiving the Best Game Award following a challenging match against GM Melik Khachiyan (grand master). On the 26th move, the GM and Jason had an equal position. Although either player could have withdrawn, the play continued until they mutually agreed to a draw of the game. This draw earned Jason’s team the point needed to win the First Place Team prize.