Bishop’s School student organizes youth chess club

In August, with the help from La Jolla Riford Library’s manager Catherine Greene, Bishop’s School ninth-grader Jason Qu founded the Chess Magicians Club.

His father, Carl Qu, writes that it was part of Jason’s initiative for community service work to promote chess activities and spread the knowledge and fun of chess games among school students in the San Diego area.

Jason, among the top players in his age group in the country, wrote in a proposal to Green that “Chess is a great hobby in itself, and is also very effective in training people’s minds (IQ) which can help their academic studies and in improving people’s ability to manage their emotions (EQ). It helps people learn to solve problems using strategies, tactics, calculation and critical thinking, increases concentration and memory, and helps people build confidence and strong will.”

The club provides students a place to practice chess, learn chess skills and get coaching directions for competing in official tournaments. During club sessions, the students get free lessons, play simultaneous games with multiple students, can organize free game plays and hold mini tournaments.

In late March, Chess Magicians members participated in the Super State” Southern California Scholastic Chess Championship in Irvine, where 10 players won club and school trophies, including a second place in the K-3 Championship Club division and third place in K-6 Reserve Club category. In addition, a few Chess Magicians players won individual trophies.

Chess Magicians has a website at

to provide information on chess resources such as books, CDs, web links, and to announce upcoming chess events.