Bishop’s academic team tops LJHS

The Bishop’s School and La Jolla High sent their undefeated Academic League teams into battle on April 2, and in the end it was the Knights who won out.

The final score was Bishop’s 71-56, giving the Knights the title of Coastal League Champions and ending a 13-year losing streak to the Vikings.

Aaron Quesnell, who coaches the La Jolla team with Courtney Irwin, wrote in an e-mail Friday: “It was a tough match to lose. … Our team gave it their best shot, but Bishop’s was faster to the buzzer. We were able to keep pace with our performance on bonus questions, but it was not enough.

Going into the competition, The two schools’ novice and JV teams were also undefeated and after the league titles.

In the novice match, La Jolla edged out Bishop’s, and on the last question of the JV match, with time expired, Bishop’s earned all five parts of the bonus question to tie the match 60-60.

On the overtime question, Bishops’ sophomore David Cohn rang in, knew the correct answer (Jim Crow), but was unable to get it out in three seconds. La Jolla won.

Bishop’s officials praised the performances of varsity team members, including seniors Sarah Levin, Gene Mereweather, Madison White and Eric Moroney; juniors Aaron Schild and Katherine Chengg, and sophomore Stephen Chen. They are coached by Kent Hartman, mathematics teacher, and Richard del Rio, chairman of the history and social sciences department.

La Jolla’s standouts were Kaichen Ma, James Giammona and Steven Burnett and underclassmen Ben Gammage and Alison Herman also performed well under stress, said Quesnell, who teaches biology. Co-coach Irwin is a Spanish teacher.

Bishop’s will compete in the City Conference championship on April 21 against the other league champions: Francis Parker, Cathedral and Patrick Henry.