Bird Rock residents report vehicular vandalism in La Jolla area

Some Bird Rock residents are reporting vandalism to higher-end cars. One resident said her husband’s and neighbor’s BMW were both vandalized during the night (taillights and side mirrors smashed), while her Corolla, parked next to family BMW, went untouched.

Jacqueline Bell, president of the Bird Rock Community Council (BRCC), said, “Unfortunately, we have had reports of other makes and models being vandalized in the neighborhood recently,” and advises anyone that experiences this vandalism report it to the police at (858) 552-1631. When reporting, Bell suggests obtaining an incident number so the BRCC can have it on file and ensure the issue gets proper attention. The BRCC can be reached at

BRCC’s Neighborhood Watch liaison, who would follow up with police, said there have been 20 similar cases. If ever possible, video recordings of the act and license plate numbers of cars in which the vandals leave is beneficial.