PHOTOS: Bird Rock Elementary School hosts first STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Discovery Day

Bird Rock Elementary School held its inaugural STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Discovery Day April 17 to engage students in hands-on activities that, hopefully, will spark their interest in sciences. Students made balloon-powered jets and used static electricity (also with balloons) to “pull” soda cans. Parents and volunteers from the scientific community facilitated the experiments.

Adam Gans and Colton Moseley use static electricity to ‘pull’ soda cans.
Jack Ryan, Irie Paris, Gracen Daniels and Cade Ballardo play with robots built by schoolmates.
A Bird Rock Elementary School class looks at how an ultrasound registers sound to produce an image.
Ryan Jelveh, Charlotte Gayner and Jaden Frederick experiment with medical equipment.
Gabby Anderson, Ashlyn Ward and Aiko Busby are ready to see how far their balloon- powered jets will go once they let go of the end of the balloon.
Alex Cockrell watches how repelling magnetism causes magnets to ‘float.’
Zachary Foster looks at bone cells under a microscope.