Bird Rock couple seeking info on car that hit fence on bike path


Bird Rock residents Tom and Kitty Spence, who woke up to see a vehicle’s headlights pointing through their back fence late Monday night, are on the lookout for a Jeep with some front end damage.

“We are asking that someone come forward to take responsibility to avoid a tragedy in the future,” Tom Spence wrote in an e-mail to the Light Wednesday.

His wife said they “were sound asleep” when a car crashed through the fence behind their La Jolla Hermosa home, which abuts the bicycle and walking path, about 11:30 p.m.

“It was so scary,” Kitty Spence added.

When they went out to inspect, the car was gone but they found a piece of a vehicle inside their fence that had “JEE” on it, which is how they know it was a Jeep, she said. “I think somebody’s son has a Jeep that needs a new fender,” she said.

They reported the incident to police, who responded quickly with three units, she said, It was also mentioned at Tuesday’s Bird Rock Community Council meeting.

Spence also said a neighbor told her about seeing a Jeep coming down the path in recent days. There are also a lot more tire marks at the entry to the path than ever before, she noted.

The Spences said they would like anyone who has information about the incident to contact them at (858) 750-6083 or (619) 277-2304.