Bi-National fiesta ushers in spring

The San Diego Natural History Museum’s Seventh Annual “Dos Aguilas Bi-national Fiesta” is a welcome sign of spring to many San Diegans. This year’s event - co-chaired by two La Jolla dynamos, Yolanda Walther-Meade and her daughter Yolanda S. Walther Meade - paid tribute to four special people from both sides of the border.

Rodney Lanthorne (president of Kyocera International, Inc.) Saul Garcia Herta (president of Kyocera Mexicana), Mauricio Monroy (managing partner of Deloitte Baja, California) and Theresa Drew (managing partner of Deloitte San Diego) were the proud honorees. The fundraiser raised critical support for the museum’s bi-national education and scientific research programs - including children’s programs and outreach programs.

Guests sampled gourmet fare offered in tasting stations scattered around the museum, before moving down to the main floor for the program. Among the many local supporters enjoying the fiesta (the Natural History Museum’s largest celebration) were Yolanda Roman Zellner, Lorena Solter, Dottie and David Stanley, Pat and Chris Weil, Courtney Ann Coyle and Steve McDonald, the Navarra Family, Charles and Judy Bieler, Norma Hidalgo del Rio, Michael Irvine, Jeanne Rosenberg, Peggy Stephenson and Jean-Loup Bitterlin.