Beyond the Basics: How Your Home Automation System Can Enhance Your Lifestyle


By Otto Benson,

Modern Home Systems

It never ceases to amaze me how technological advances enable us to live our lives more conveniently, comfortably, and safely. Today, we can easily control the lighting, temperature, appliances, and security systems of our homes in the palms of our hands—and what’s astounding is that those home automation features are just the basics. There are so many creative things we can now do with home automation systems to further enhance our lifestyle and safety:

Enhance your TV experience:

If you have one of those TV surround systems that makes you feel like you’re right there in the car chase with Bruce Willis, you can interface your phone with your TV so that you can immerse yourself in the movie without fearing you’re going to miss an important phone call. You can program your TV to pause when your phone rings, and all you have to do is press play on the touchpanel when you’re ready to get back in the chase. Also, if your TV is in a large room, you can install a mount with a swivel option that will change the angle of the TV to give you the optimum view from wherever you decide to sit.

Improve your golf game:

For those of you with a golf simulator in your home, before you head into your golf simulator room to work on that swing, you can press a button on your home simulator touchpanel, so by the time you get into your room, the system is ready to go and you don’t have to wait for it to warm up. I know that


can use all the practice time I can get.

Increase your safety:

Motion detectors aimed at the backyard can trigger an alarm, but not just any alarm. You can trick potential intruders into thinking you are actually home by recording your own voice. And then you can deter intruders from any future plans by recording something like “Sic ‘em, boy!”

Enhance the romance:

Just the touch of a button on your smartphone can dim the lights, activate the gas fireplace, close the motorized shades and play some Barry White. Irresistible!

Maintain your sanity:

Is your son or daughter anxiously awaiting a college acceptance letter? By installing a sensor on your mailbox that alerts you of the mail’s arrival over your home’s speaker system, you and your family don’t have to run to the mailbox every five minutes.

Protect the good stuff:

Do you have a bottle of Dom Perignon in your cabinet that you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Protect it, and all your other alcoholic beverages, from curious teens by programming an electronic lock into your home automation system that only you can unlock by entering a numeric code on your touchpanel or smartphone app.

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