Be on alert: Youth joyriding in Bird Rock roundabouts


Bird Rock residents are reporting there is a gray minivan, with the right side door smashed in, that has been joyriding in the Bird Rock roundabouts.

The van has been seen stopping in the intersection just north of the roundabouts so that cars trying to go forward had to go around it.

The routine following by van occupants, described as young white males, is to start into the roundabout, then suddenly stop, then go around again, and do the same thing. They then drive down to the next roundabout and perform the same maneuvers there.

Witnesses also report a black SUV with two young girls in it has been observed doing the same thing, following the gray minivan.

The youths are reportedely performing dangerous maneuvers, causing cars coming up to the roundabout to miscalculate and have to make sudden stops to avoid accidents, or causing cars to direct attention to the van, instead of to the blinking yellow lights, endangering pedestrians crossing the street.

Anyone observing either of these two vehicles is being urged to make a mental or written note of it and report it to the police by calling 619-552-1700.