Avoid the Black Friday Lines and Buy Gold Bullion Instead

By Peter Kevorkian,

United Coin & Precious Metals

It’s a surprise, to say the least, that the holidays are officially underway. First it was Halloween, and now nearly Thanksgiving, and, before we know it, Christmas will be upon La Jolla and the world.

You might by now be wondering, what sorts of gifts you might give your loved ones? There are surely so many options, but, have you thought about a gift that keeps on giving?

And, what if you could get your loved ones a gift that not only keeps on giving, but also doesn’t put a strain on your bank account? In fact, you might not even need your bank account to procure this gift.

What could be such a great gift?

Precious metals. And, in particular, gold and silver bullion coins, which have enjoyed a classic secular bull market since the beginning of the decade. In fact, famous investor Eric Sprott claims, “silver is the investment of a lifetime.”

And, how can you get precious metals for your loved ones without forking over any cash whatsoever, if you so choose? By selling old broken pieces of jewelry accumulating in your old jewelry drawer.

When you sell your old jewelry, you can get paid out in precious gold and silver coins.

Coins like the U.S. Mint’s American Gold Eagle or Canada’s Gold Maple Leaf make great gifts. They also have been great investments over the past 15 years. Having started the decade around $350, few investments have performed as convincingly as gold has.

You can also buy a rare coin and celebrate this nations’ rich history this holiday season, such as the Saint Gaudens or $20 Liberty Gold Coin.

Why gold and silver coins and not jewelry?

We believe gold and silver coins are a more convenient way of holding onto gold and silver than jewelry. You can more accurately know its worth, and it can be easily liquidated whenever you’d like. Jewelry is a bit more of a process, with time-spent analyzing the contents of the jewelry.

At United Coin & Precious Metals, we will sit down with you and appraise all of your gold jewelry and coin collections for free. We believe so much in our services, that we will even offer readers of La Jolla Light more for their gold jewelry with any mention of this ad.

This year, give a gift that keeps on giving. And let United Coin & Precious Metals get you the most valuable gift for your loved ones. This year and next.