Avoid plastic surgery mishaps: learn how to choose a plastic surgeon

By John G. Apostolides, MD

In 2010, reality TV star

Heidi Montag

made headlines when she elected to undergo 10 plastic surgeries in one day. According to

US Magazine

, Montag now says the process was “a lot more than I could have expected,” and that she is “thankful” to have avoided any serious mishaps. While cases like Montag’s are an extreme example of taking plastic surgery too far, they can still serve as a cautionary tale for prospective patients. By learning

how to choose a plastic surgeon

– not just for their expertise but also for their integrity and dedication to patient welfare – individuals interested in cosmetic enhancements can help prevent any regret or disappointment with their decision and ensure safe, realistic and balanced results.

In retrospect, Heidi Montag says she realizes that complications or improper healing from so many surgeries “could have been really disastrous.” And indeed, while there are circumstances in which it is appropriate to perform more than one procedure at a time, such choices should be made with care and approval from a board-certified plastic surgeon, as well as consideration for the patient’s mental and emotional as well as physical health and well-being.

When it comes to selecting a surgeon, patients should be wary of anyone who agrees immediately to any procedural plan. It is essential for surgeons to spend time with each patient and discuss realistic expectations for surgery, safety and lifestyle considerations, medical history and emotional motivation before moving forward. Sometimes, the right surgeon will be the one who recommends doing less, or delaying surgery altogether. Every patient has the right to know her options, weigh the benefits and risks of surgery, and work with a surgeon who genuinely cares about her health.

You talk, we listen: establishing the foundation for successful plastic surgery

At San Diego’s

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